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Welcome to the Dr. Kim's Class I Orthodontic Specialists. Over 90% of children need orthodontic treatment. Some orthodontic problems require immediate care before your children stop growing.
You do not have to be in the continental US for the highest level of professional orthodontic care.
Dr. Kim’s Class I Orthodontic Specialists will meet your highest expectation with quality care by an American Board certified orthodontist, Americanized management system, and state-of-the art facilities. Dr. Kim’s Class I Orthodontic Specialists are also an official provider of the TRICARE Dental Program. You can take advantage of your TRICARE insurance benefits for your orthodontic needs.
Yong E. Kim. DDS, MS.
Dr. Yong Kim is the only orthodontic specialist in Korea who has dental and orthodontic education and over 10 years of practice experience in U.S.
Dr. Kim received his dental education at the USC Dental School. After earning a degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.), he received 3 years of orthodontic training at the University of Oklahoma Health Science Center. Dr. Kim practiced orthodontics in Portland and Salem, Oregon for 10 years before moving to Korea. He has become a diplomate of American Board of Orthodontics in 2006 and holds his dental board in California, Washington, and Oregon.
His professional affiliations includes American Association of Orthodontists and the Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontics. Dr. Kim and his wife, Hae, moved to Korea in December 2007 and opened his orthodontic practice in his home town, Dae Jeon City, to share his orthodontic knowledge with Korean dentists and provide highest level of dental service to his home town community.
How to contact Dr. Kim's Office
1. Call directly to Class I Orthodontic Specialists 042-482-9502, 9503
2. Go to our web site, Click on the for English and leave your phone number or e-mail address with a brief message on the Contact us. We will contact you ASAP.
3. If you have any questions, leave your message on the Online Consultation.
What to expect
Dr. Kim will always be pleased to answer any questions about your dental health problems or inquiries.
If you need orthodontic treatment, you will need a preliminary orthodontic consultation. During your 1st visit, Dr. Kim will conduct a comprehensive examination and discuss what type of treatment options would be recommended for you. Our clinical coordinator will thoroughly explain financial options and help you set up an appointment.
For your convenience and to save time, orthodontic records (x-rays, models, and photos) can be taken during your first visit. Once braces are applied, patients will visit the office every 4 - 6 weeks for regular
Office Hours


Mon. ~ Wed.

09:00 AM ~ 06:00 PM


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08:40 AM ~ 03:00 PM

Lunch Time

12:30 PM ~ 02:00 PM


Thour, Sun, Holiday
How to get to Dr. Kim's Office
1. By Train
At Dae Jeon Station, Take the subway → stop at City Hall Station (take about 10 mins) → Use Gate 5, Dr. Kim's office is about 100ft on the right side of the exit.
2. Driving
Take Kyungbu Freeway(1) South → Exit to the 261 Freeway at HoeDeik Junction → Use the YuSeong Tollgate → From the gate, Turn right immediately twice to HanBat street → Drive approximately 3 miles straight ahead → Turn right at the Sammeri Crossroad → Drive about ¼ mile (pass 2 blocks) : Dr. Kim;s office is on the left, opposite of Post Office.
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